AC Current 17A Magnetic Starter 18A Electromagnetic Starter

AC Current 17A Magnetic Starter 18A Electromagnetic Starter

CQ1 DOL Electromagnetic CZPTter

one. Description

CQ1 collection electromagnetic starter ( "starter" for limited hereinafter) applies mainly to circuit with AC current of 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated operational voltage of 660V and rated managed electrical power up to 45kW (existing up to 95A) for utilizing to manage the direct start off and halt of the electromotor to defend the motor from overload and stage failure. 
The starter conforms to requirements IEC/EN60947-four-one

2. Feature

3-phase bimetal
Repeatedly readjustable present options
Temperature compensation
Tripping indicator
Take a look at button
Stop button
Guide and computerized reset button
CZPTally divided 1N/O additionally 1N/C contact
three. Wiring Diagram

4. Fundamental Model and primary technological parameter of the starter

Model Variety of
location recent
Existing(A) Xihu (West Lake) Dis.mum rated Electricity(KW) Product of
AC contactor
TOR matched
660V 380V 220V
CQ1-09/1301 .1~.16 9 five.five 4 two.two CC1-09 CR2-thirteen
CQ1-09/1302 .sixteen~.25
CQ1-09/1303 .twenty five~.4
CQ1-09/1304 .four~.sixty three
CQ1-09/1305 .sixty three~1
CQ1-09/1306 1~1.6
CQ1-09/1307 one.six~2.five
CQ1-09/1308 two.five~four
CQ1-09/1310 4~6
CQ1-09/1312 five.five~eight
CQ1-09/1314 seven~ten
CQ1-eighteen/1314 7~10 18 10 seven.5 4 CC1-eighteen CR2-13
CQ1-18/1316 9~thirteen
CQ1-eighteen/1321 twelve~eighteen
CQ1-twenty five/1321 12~eighteen 25 15 11 5.five CC1-25 CR2-thirteen
CQ1-25/1322 17~25
CQ1-32/2353 23~32 32 18.5 15 seven.5 CC1-32 CR2-23
CQ1-40/3355 30~40 40 30 18.five eleven CC1-40 CR2-33
CQ1-50/3357 37~50 fifty 33 22 15 CC1-fifty CR2-33
CQ1-sixty five/3359 48~sixty five sixty five 37 30 18.5 CC1-65 CR2-33
CQ1-80/3361 55~70 eighty forty five 37 22 CC1-80 CR2-33
CQ1-eighty/3363 sixty three~eighty
CQ1-ninety five/3365 eighty~93 95 45 forty five 25 CC1-95 CR2-33

five. Overall and Mounting Dimensions (mm) 

6. Function Solution

seven. About Us

Established in 1987, CHANGAN is a large nationwide organization, found in China CZPT Appliance Capital- Liushi. Using the industrial electric equipment as the leading sector, Integrating the R&D, info, trade, providers, manufacture and sale of large and lower voltage electrical apparatus, Instrument and Meter, Electricity Provide Gear, Electrical power Distribution Cupboard and CZPT merchandise for constructing and construction.
As main business, CHANGAN GROUP CO., LTD. is mainly engaged in 
STABLIZER, Push BUTTON Change, INDICATOR, TERMINAL, CABLE Add-ons and many others. Company own above 2000 staff, 116000 sq. meter design spot, registered cash totalizing to .1571 billion RMB, it has recognized in excess of 500 sales branches all through the entire nation.

Certificate:CZPT,ISO14001,OHSAS18001,CCC,SEMKO,CE,CB,TUV,EAC,TSE.Goods are sold to British isles, France, Russia, Turkey, German, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Egypt, Iran and other 60 nations and regions.


AC Current 17A Magnetic Starter 18A Electromagnetic Starter