CFA Drilling Machine Original CAT TR180W Rig

CFA Drilling Machine Original CAT TR180W Rig

TR180W CFA Drilling Rig

CFA Gear

Fundamental Details
CFA drilling equipment based on constant flight auger drilling approach is  mainly utilized in building to create concrete piles. It can construct a continuous wall of strengthened concrete that protects staff throughout excavation. CFA piles carry on the benefits of the driven piles and the bored piles, which are functional and need no elimination of soil. This drilling strategy permits the drilling products to excavate a extensive selection of soils, dry or water-logged, loose or cohesive, and also to penetrate through lower ability, comfortable rock development like tuff, loamy clays, limestone clays, limestone and sandstone and so on, The maximum diameter of piling reaches one.2 m and max. depth achieves 30 m, helping overcome problems previously connected to task and execution of pilings.

 TR180W CFA Tools - modified from TR180D Rotary Drilling Rig

CZPT Parameters
Max drilling depth  16.5m 54 ft
Max drilling diameter  800mm 32in
Motor model CAT C-7 CAT C-seven
Rated energy 187KW 251HP
Max torque for CFA 90kN.m 66357lb-ft
Rotating speed  8~29rpm eight~29rpm
Max group pressure of winch  150kN 33720lbf
Max extraction power of winch 150kN 33720lbf
Stroke 12500mm 492in
Max pulling drive of principal winch (the very first layer) 170kN 38216lbf
Max pulling speed of principal winch  78m/min 256ft/min
Wire line of principal winch   Φ26mm Φ1.0in
Undercarriage CAT 325D CAT 325D
Monitor shoe width   800mm 32in
width of crawler 3000-4300mm 118-170in
Whole equipment weight  55T 55T

                               --by first course key factors:

Base: Authentic CZPT 325D base

Engine: C-7 motor with ACERT™ technological innovation

CZPT programs undertake CZPT motor and wave

CZPT programs are from Pal-Fin automobile-handle

Rotary travel: Linder HMR135-02P1 Motor
                       CZPT ED2250 Reducer 

Principal winch: CZPT A2FE125/61W-VZL181-K Motor 

                       CZPT GFT80W3B99-35 Reducer 

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CFA Drilling Machine Original CAT TR180W Rig