China Professional Aluminum Housing Ys Series 380V AC Three Phase Electric Motor Best Price Pure Copper Wire vacuum pump belt

Product Description

Aluminum Housing YS Series 380V Ac Three Phase Electric Motor Best Price Pure Copper Wire

Factory advantage
1.30 years of history
2. Competitive prices
3. Quality Assurance
Four. Fast Delivery Time: General model about 15-20 days, special model about 30 days
Each process is 100% tested and 100% selective in raw materials
5. Be Efficient
6. Low Noise
7. Live Long
8. Save Energy
9. Slight vibration
10. Professional service/Patience
11. Warranty period: 12 months from the date of delivery
Main Markets: South , Europe, Middle East, Southest Asia, Africa, etc
Have CE, CCC, ISO9001, and other certification

Product description
Canglong Motors YS motor features:
Frame material: cast iron
Standard Color: Silver or custom
Standard frequency: 50 Hz (available on other frequencies)
Ambient air temperature: -15 C ≤0≤40 ° C
Connection: Star-connection for 3KW or less whereas delta-connection for 4KW or more.
Altitude: no more than 1000 meters
Available in 2, 4, 6,8 pole for 0.21kW and above
Efficiency level: IE3(50Hz) according to IEC 60034-30.
Installation: B 3, B 5, B35, etc. , in accordance with IEC 60034-7 standard
Protection Level: IP55(IEC 60034-5)
Insulation: Class F (155 degrees Celsius)
Cooling mode: IC 411, IEC 60034-6 standard, self-fan, independent cooling fan
Working Height: not exceeding 1000m above sea level (IEC 60034-1)
If there is no other request in the order or agreement, terminal box standard position is at the right side of the frame; data above may be changed without prior notice.   
1.We are professional  electric motor manufacture for  20 years since 1996.

2.We have best quality materials to make our electric motors best performance.

3.Our products are 100% brand new , 100% cooper wire , 100% output.

4.We have advanced and automated machines such as high speed punching machines, swing punching machines, machines to form the rotors ,stators etc. in 1 piece, automated packing machines which can produce nice appearance and good performance motors while decrease the labor cost and mechanical loss .

5.We have professional financial department who are good at calculating and controlling the cost and capital operation which could make most favorable prices for our customers.

6.We have a strong R&D team, which can develop and produce products according to drawings or samples provided by customers.

7.We have our own pump and motor production line, raw materials processing, factory direct sales, inexpensive.

8.We are only 200 kilometers away from HangZhou port, which is very convenient for export.


Type Rated Output Rated Speed Eff Power factor Rated Current locked torque maximum torque locked current
 rated torque  rated torque rated current
KW HP (r.p.m) (%) (cosθ) A Tst/Tn Tmax/Tn Ist/In
380V 50Hz synchronous Speed 3000r/min(2 poles)
YS-6322 0.25 1/3 2730 72 0.78 0.68 2.3 2.3 6
YS-7112 0.37 1/2 2760 73.5 0.8 0.96 2.3 2.3 6
YS-7122 0.55 3/4 2770 75.5 0.82 1.35 2.3 2.3 6
YS-8012 0.75 1 2770 76.5 0.85 1.75 2.2 2.3 6
YS-8571 1.1 1.5 2800 77 0.85 2.55 2.2 2.3 7
YS-90S-2 1.5 2 2840 78.5 0.85 3.42 2.2 2.3 7
YS-90L-2 2.2 3 2840 81 0.86 4.8 2.2 2.3 7
YE2-100L-2 3 4 2890 84.6 0.87 6.17 2.2 2.3 7.8
YE2-112M-2 4 5.5 2910 85.8 0.88 8.04 2.2 2.3 8.3
YE2-132S1-2 5.5 7.5 2930 87 0.86 11.2 2 2.3 8.3
YE2-132S2-2 7.5 10 2840 88.1 0.88 14.6 2 2.3 7.9
YE2-160M1-2 11 15 2930 89.4 0.89 21 2 2.3 8.1
YE2-160M2-2 15 20 2930 90.3 0.89 28.4 2 2.3 8.1
YE2-160L-2 18.5 25 2935 90.9 0.89 34.7 2 2.3 8.2
YE2-180M-2 22 30 2940 91.3 0.88 41.6 2 2.3 8.2
380V 50Hz synchronous Speed 1500r/min(4 poles)
YS-7114 0.25 1/3 1350 67 0.68 0.83 2.4 2.4 6
YS-7124 0.37 1/2 1350 69.5 0.72 1.12 2.4 2.4 6
YS-8014 0.55 3/4 1380 73.5 0.73 1.56 2.4 2.4 6
YS-8571 0.75 1 1390 75.5 0.75 2.01 2.3 2.4 6.5
YS-90S-4 1.1 1.5 1400 78 0.78 2.75 2.3 2.4 6.5
YS-90L-4 1.5 2 1400 79 0.79 3.65 2.3 2.4 6.5
YE2-100L1-4 2.2 3 1440 84.3 0.81 4.9 2.3 2.3 7.6
YE2-100L2-4 3 4 1440 85.5 0.82 6.5 2.3 2.3 7.6
YE2-112M-4 4 5.5 1440 86.6 0.82 8.56 2.2 2.3 7.8
YE2-132S-4 5.5 7.5 1450 87.7 0.83 11.5 2 2.3 7.9
YE2-132M-4 7.5 10 1450 88.7 0.84 15.3 2 2.3 7.5
YE2-160M-4 11 15 1460 89.8 0.84 22.2 2.2 2.3 7.7
YE2-160L-4 15 20 1460 90.6 0.85 29.6 2.2 2.3 7.8
YE2-180M-4 18.5 25 1470 91.2 0.86 35.8 2 2.3 7.8
YE2-180L-4 22 30 1470 91.6 0.86 42.4 2 2.3 7.8
380V 50Hz synchronous Speed 1000r/min(6 poles)
YS-7126 0.25 1/3 910 63 0.62 0.97 2 2 5.5
YS-8016 0.37 1/2 910 68 0.62 1.33 2 2 5.5
YS-8026 0.55 3/4 910 71 0.64 1.84 2 2 5.5
YS-90S-6 0.75 1 920 73 0.68 2.3 2 2.1 5.5
YS-90L-6 1.1 1.5 920 74 0.7 3.23 2 2.1 6
YE2-100L-6 1.5 2 940 79.8 0.75 3.8 2 2.1 6.5
YE2-112M-6 2.2 3 960 81.8 0.76 5.38 2 2.1 6.6
YE2-132S-6 3 4 960 83.3 0.76 7.2 2 2.1 6.8
YE2-132M1-6 4 5.5 960 84.6 0.76 9.45 2 2.1 6.8
YE2-132M2-6 5.5 7.5 960 86 0.77 12.6 2 2.1 7
YE2-160M-6 7.5 10 970 87.2 0.78 16.8 2 2.1 7
YE2-160L-6 11 15 970 88.7 0.78 24.2 2 2.1 7.2
YE2-180L-6 15 20 970 89.7 0.81 31.4 2 2.1 7.3
380V 50Hz synchronous Speed 750r/min(8 poles)
YS-7118 0.09 1/8 600 40 0.57 0.6 1.8 1.9 2.8
YS-7128 0.12 1/6 600 45 0.57 0.71 1.8 1.9 2.8
YS-8018 0.18 1/4 645 51 0.61 0.88 1.8 2 3.3
YS-8571 0.25 1/3 645 54 0.61 1.15 1.8 2 3.3
YS-90S-8 0.37 1/2 670 62 0.61 1.49 1.8 2 4
YS-90L-8 0.55 3/4 670 63 0.61 2.17 1.8 2.1 4


1.BFlange 9.Key 17.Rear endshield 25.Terminal box cover 33.Brasslug
2.B4Flange 10.Rotor 18.Fan 26.Screw  
3.Front  endshield 11.Stator 19.Fan cowl 27.Earth mark  
4.Shaft cover 12.Pedestal 20.FancowlScrew 28.Brass washer  
5.Spring washer 13.Pedestal bolt 21.Fan clamp 29.Deductioncap  
6.Vring Oil seal 14.Nameplate 22.Cable gland 30.Brassnet  
7.Bolt 15.Main frame 23.Terminal box base 31.Termiani board  
8.Bearing 16.Wave washer 24.Gasket 32.Leather washer  


Application: Industrial, Universal, Power Tools, Fan/Cooling Tower/Cutting Machine
Operating Speed: Constant Speed
Number of Stator: Three-Phase
Species: Ye3/Ie3/Ys
Rotor Structure: Squirrel-Cage
Casing Protection: Closed Type
US$ 50/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




3 phase motor

What are the key components of a typical 3-phase motor?

A typical 3-phase motor consists of several key components that work together to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Here's a detailed explanation of the key components of a typical 3-phase motor:

  • Stator: The stator is the stationary part of the motor and contains the core, windings, and other structural components. It consists of a laminated iron core with slots where the motor windings are placed. The stator windings are connected to the power supply and create a rotating magnetic field when energized.
  • Rotor: The rotor is the rotating part of the motor and is located inside the stator. It consists of a laminated iron core with conductive bars or coils embedded in it. The rotor is designed to rotate within the magnetic field generated by the stator windings. The interaction between the stator's rotating magnetic field and the rotor's conductive elements induces currents in the rotor, creating a torque that drives the rotation of the motor.
  • Windings: The windings are conductive coils of wire that are wound around the stator slots. In a 3-phase motor, there are typically three sets of windings, each spaced 120 degrees apart. These windings are designed to carry the three-phase alternating current (AC) from the power supply. The arrangement and connection of the windings create a rotating magnetic field in the motor, which interacts with the rotor to produce torque and rotation.
  • Power Supply Connections: The motor has terminals or leads for connecting it to the three-phase power supply. The power supply connections are typically labeled as L1, L2, and L3, corresponding to the three phases of the power supply. These connections provide the alternating current required to energize the stator windings and create the rotating magnetic field.
  • Bearings: Bearings are used to support the rotor and allow it to rotate smoothly within the stator. The motor typically has two bearings, one at each end of the rotor shaft. These bearings reduce friction and enable the efficient transfer of rotational motion from the rotor to the motor's load.
  • Shaft: The shaft is a cylindrical component that extends from the rotor and serves as the mechanical link between the motor and the load. The shaft transfers the rotational motion generated by the motor to the connected equipment or machinery.
  • Housing or Frame: The motor is enclosed in a housing or frame that provides protection and support for the internal components. The housing is typically made of a durable material such as metal or plastic and is designed to withstand the operating conditions of the motor.
  • Cooling System: Many 3-phase motors incorporate a cooling system to dissipate heat generated during operation. This may include cooling fins on the motor housing, fan blades attached to the rotor shaft, or a separate cooling fan. Efficient cooling is essential to maintain optimal motor performance and prevent overheating.

These are the key components of a typical 3-phase motor. Each component plays a crucial role in the motor's operation, from generating the rotating magnetic field to transferring mechanical energy to the load. Understanding these components is essential for troubleshooting, maintenance, and proper operation of 3-phase motors.

3 phase motor

Can you provide examples of machinery or equipment that use 3-phase motors?

Various types of machinery and equipment rely on 3-phase motors for their operation. Here are some examples of applications where 3-phase motors are commonly used:

  • Industrial Machinery: 3-phase motors are extensively used in industrial machinery, including pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, conveyors, mixers, agitators, and centrifuges. These motors provide the necessary power and torque to drive heavy-duty equipment commonly found in manufacturing plants, refineries, mining operations, and other industrial settings.
  • Electric Generators: Many electric generators, both stationary and portable, are driven by 3-phase motors. These generators produce electrical power by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. They are widely used in construction sites, emergency backup systems, remote locations, and other applications where a reliable power supply is required.
  • Air Conditioning and HVAC Systems: 3-phase motors are employed in air conditioning and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. They power the compressors, fans, and pumps that circulate and condition the air in commercial buildings, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, and other large-scale facilities.
  • Machine Tools: Machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, and drilling machines, often utilize 3-phase motors for precision machining operations. These motors provide the required power and control to drive the cutting tools and move the workpieces accurately.
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems: 3-phase motors play a crucial role in water and wastewater treatment systems. They power pumps, aerators, mixers, and other equipment involved in the treatment and distribution of clean water, as well as the processing and disposal of wastewater in municipal and industrial treatment plants.
  • Refrigeration Systems: 3-phase motors are commonly used in commercial refrigeration systems, such as walk-in coolers, refrigerated display cases, and industrial refrigeration units. These motors drive the compressors that circulate the refrigerant and maintain the desired temperature for food storage, preservation, and cooling applications.
  • Elevators and Escalators: Many elevators and escalators rely on 3-phase motors for their vertical transportation functions. These motors power the lifting mechanisms, allowing for smooth and efficient movement of people and goods within buildings, airports, train stations, and other vertical transportation systems.
  • Industrial and Commercial Fans: Large industrial and commercial fans, such as those used for ventilation, cooling, or air circulation in warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, and other large spaces, often employ 3-phase motors. These motors provide the necessary power to drive the fan blades and move substantial volumes of air.
  • Printing Presses: Printing presses, used in the printing and publishing industry, utilize 3-phase motors to power various components, such as the paper feed systems, printing cylinders, ink pumps, and drying units. These motors enable high-speed and precise operation in commercial printing applications.
  • Crushers and Grinders: Crushers, grinders, and shredders in industries such as mining, construction, and recycling employ 3-phase motors to drive their crushing and grinding mechanisms. These motors provide the necessary power and torque to break down and process various materials efficiently.

These are just a few examples of machinery and equipment that rely on 3-phase motors for their operation. 3-phase motors are widely used in numerous industrial, commercial, and residential applications due to their efficiency, reliability, and ability to deliver high power output.

3 phase motor

How do 3-phase motors handle variations in voltage and frequency?

3-phase motors are designed to handle variations in voltage and frequency within certain limits. Here's a detailed explanation of how they handle these variations:

  • Voltage Variations:
    • 3-phase motors are typically designed to operate within a specific voltage range. As long as the applied voltage remains within this range, the motor can function properly.
    • When the voltage supplied to a 3-phase motor varies, the motor's performance may be affected. If the voltage drops significantly below the rated voltage, the motor may experience reduced torque and power output. Conversely, if the voltage exceeds the rated value, the motor may draw excessive current, leading to overheating and potential damage.
    • To handle voltage variations, 3-phase motors often incorporate protective devices such as thermal overload relays or motor protection circuits. These devices can detect abnormal operating conditions caused by voltage fluctuations and take appropriate actions, such as shutting down the motor or reducing its load.
  • Frequency Variations:
    • The speed of a 3-phase motor is directly proportional to the frequency of the power supply. When the frequency deviates from the rated value, the motor's speed and performance can be affected.
    • If the frequency increases, the motor's speed will also increase, resulting in higher torque and power output. Conversely, a decrease in frequency will lead to a decrease in speed, resulting in reduced torque and power output.
    • 3-phase motors can handle frequency variations up to a certain extent. However, if the frequency deviates too far from the rated value, the motor's performance may become unstable or it may fail to start altogether.
    • For precise control over motor speed, variable frequency drives (VFDs) can be used. VFDs can adjust the frequency of the power supply to the motor, allowing for precise speed control and compensation for frequency variations.
  • Voltage and Frequency Tolerance:
    • International standards specify the acceptable voltage and frequency tolerances for 3-phase motors. These standards ensure that motors can operate reliably and safely within specified voltage and frequency ranges.
    • Motor manufacturers often provide voltage and frequency tolerance specifications for their products. These specifications indicate the allowable range of voltage and frequency variations that the motor can handle without compromising its performance or safety.
    • When selecting a 3-phase motor, it is important to consider the voltage and frequency requirements of the specific application and ensure that the motor's voltage and frequency ratings align with the available power supply.

Overall, 3-phase motors are designed to handle variations in voltage and frequency within specified limits. They incorporate protective devices and can be paired with control devices such as VFDs to compensate for voltage and frequency fluctuations, ensuring optimal performance and protection against potential damage.

China Professional Aluminum Housing Ys Series 380V AC Three Phase Electric Motor Best Price Pure Copper Wire   vacuum pump belt	China Professional Aluminum Housing Ys Series 380V AC Three Phase Electric Motor Best Price Pure Copper Wire   vacuum pump belt
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