Dcec Diesel Engine for Generator

Dcec Diesel Engine for Generator

Layout Characteristic

Belt push method: Belt push program with tensioner supplying computerized belt pressure.

Maintenance: Each cylinder bore and cylinder head valve manual tube can be fixed by resisting.

Connecting rod: Alloy steel with substantial energy and inclined chopping.

Crankshaft: Alloy metal with entire bearing supporting and bearing and round corner harden.

Cylinder block: Dragon doorway design cylinder block CZPT liner and with h2o pump turbo home resisted.
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Gas method: Advertisement fuel injection pump with electrical governor.

Garret turbocharger: Bypass higher successful turbocharger.

Piston: Silicon- aluminium alloy piston with dual Ni-resist and oil cooling.
-12 diploma , -35 degree.
CZPTting perform: Be began at -12 diploma CZPT assistant set up Be commenced at -35degree with assistant installation. 215 g/kw. H.
Fuel intake: Superb fuel usage with B. S. F. C 215g/kw. H.

CZPT attribute: Easy and compact building, fewer elements and light-weight weight.

Attachment(Electricity Pickup)products:
Attachment gear can be provided according to customer's needs. For adequately unleashing engine efficiency, total motor attachments from our organization, evaluated by Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng CZPT Engine Company, be recommended.

44In-line, 4 Cylinder, four Cycle, Turbo  Diesel Motor
×Bore×Stroke 102mm×120mm
Displacement 3.nine Liters
Compression Ration 16.5:1
Rated Velocity 1800r/min
Rated Electricity 45kW                                                                 
Standby Electrical power 50kW
Genset Matching Electricity 35 kW
Fuel Injection Pump PNPN Injection Pump
Governor CZPTal Governor
Regular Velocity Droop ≤1%(CZPTal Governor)
≤5%  (RSV)
Lubricant Potential 1111 Liters
Coolant Capacity 8() eight Liters(Motor Only)
Internet Bodyweight 320320kg
Damp Excess weight 340340kg
Overall Dimension(L×W×H) 765mm×582mm×908mm
Coolant Consumption Measurement Φ58mm
Coolant Outlet Dimensions Φ45mm
/Flywheel/Flywheel Housing SAE3#/SAE3#
Cooling Way Constructive H2o Cooling Cycle

Dcec Diesel Engine for Generator