Different Frame Making Injection Molding Machine

Different Frame Making Injection Molding Machine

HAIJIANG provide all types of injection molding devices from 50T to 3000T, which includes coloration chips producing device, strength saving injection molding machine, gears making device, dual distinct shade injection molding device, bakelite injection molding machine, PET preform injection molding device, Fixed pump and variable pump injection molding equipment, PVC fitting injection molding device, screw barrel for injection molding machine and many others.

one. HAIJIANG  for injection molding device features:

→ greater area amongst tie-bars

→ central-clamping framework

→ well-known components

→ energy saving with servo motor

→ low sounds, fast respons

→ substantial precision, Stable and super lengthy existence

→ T-Slot Platen

→ ample CZPT Areas

→ far better price 

Clamping Device:

one.) Optimized Platen Design with substantial rigidity and enlarged place between tie bars

two.) CZPTmap-dependent Platen Format with equally T-slot & tap holes, finding layout in moving platen to far better go well with various molds

three.) New ejection technique style with more time ejection stroke, greater area and greater rigidity

four.) CZPT drivien gear-kind mildew height adjustion system

5.) Relocation of mechanical protection interlock for less complicated procedure

6.) linkage construction for entrance connecting rod will increase connectingrod's toughness tremendously, as nicely as the entire clamping unit's rigidity & accuracy.


Injection Device:

one.) Higher Top quality CZPT Movement Xihu (West Lake) Dis. make certain the clean & accuracy of injection procedure

2.) Higher Velocity & Stress injection construction can enhance the injection pace

three.) Twin nozzle cylinder guarantees far more even & stable composition

4.) Specilized screw barrel style for various equipment

CZPT System:

one.) The double proportional compound valve manage method pressure & flow, extremely delicate & steady

2.) CZPTed higher good quality Pump, lower in noise, prolonged in lifespan & steady in functionality

three.) Globe-well-known servo hydraulic method optional, greater functionality in reduced sound & power preserving

four.) The specific suggestions manage of servo technique to the pressure & stream, with higher sensitivity & a lot more accurate repeatability precision

5.) Higher efficiency hydraulic valve, much less failure, quick switch, hassle-free maintenance

six.) Reduced strain mildew defend technique, which is more appropriate for the precise mould

seven.) Greese & lubrication oil in dependent lubrication technique can lubricate everywhere in the very best circumstance


CZPTal Method:

one.) Management by double CPU, the program HMI use X86 300MHz complex grade screen. The method staff a RISC 140MHz microprofessor, with large speed, sounds-immunity, supporter-much less and reduce energy consumption, impartial control composition improve the stablity of management

two.) 8.four" display display screen with resolution 800*600, user pleasant monitor & optional choose of language

three.) Equiped with USB(2.) port & ethernet(one hundred-foundation T) ports

four.) 32 Details enter & output, entendable and problems spot can be changed effortlessly

5.) Linder transducer's resolution is one/65535, much more specific in manage

six.) 120 technological parameters access can be stored & uploaded with an normal USB drives

seven.) Injection Conclude and temperature tracking is curve show, dynamic recorder parameter is modified, dynamic warningis exhibited, all these make the operation far more practical.

Servo Controller Portion:

1.) Higher Exact Handle The servo method can control the machine's strain, pace & area specifically, make confident that the error of  accurate repeatability precision for the shot measurement is <0.3%

2.) High delicate response Simply because the motor vector is matched with the controller properly, it only takes .5sec. inputing the amount from to max. Compared with other traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, HJS series is far more quicker in pace with shorter cycle time and high productive in production

3.) Low sounds In contrast with classic fastened pump & variable pump program, the noise is one/10 lower under typical circumstance, more appropriate for sealed dustless workshop

4.) Power Preserving Overall performance is 10% a lot more & driving capability is eighteen% far more than common device. This collection can conserve forty-80% energy, and achieve first-course strength efficency

5.) Drinking water cooling conserving The system problem prevent substantial force uploading CZPT any power output, leads to the drinking water cooling preserving

2. injection molding equipment certification


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Different Frame Making Injection Molding Machine