Gasolina 48cc 49cc 50cc 60cc 66cc 80cc Motor De Bicicleta De 2 Tiempos 80cc Kit De Motor De Gas PARA Bicicleta

Gasolina 48cc 49cc 50cc 60cc 66cc 80cc Motor De Bicicleta De 2 Tiempos 80cc Kit De Motor De Gas PARA Bicicleta

Engine method:   1E47FA-B,   
Engine kind:     One cylinder,Air-cooled,2stroke
Bore×stoke:    47×40     
Displacement(cc): eighty(66)         
Kind of Ignition:Magnetos non-contact induction power storage
CZPTt method:       pedal start off
Gross weight(kg):           11.5                     
Proportions(mm):         420×420×170

Q1:  Which type of the bicycle can be installed?
       Firstly,insure that there is adequate area for putting in the engine kit in the trigonal frame because we have provided the related dimensions of the motor for your reference,so make sure you make certain that your bicycle satisfies the requirement of the installationadditionally it really is much better that the rear of your bicycle is not disc brake since it really is area overlaps with the location of the chain.

Q2: Regardless of whether the city which tabooing the bike operation can ride it?
      You can not experience it in this metropolis,even if you can ride it,but it really is tough to get the gasoline except if you take the petrol out of the car's gasoline tank.So please consider it about just before you buying it in buy to staying away from the problems.

Q3:   How about the high quality of this motor package?
      I can't response that our motor package have a great good quality,as you know,even Mercedes-Benz provider doesn't say as that.I can only say that we maintain a extended tine and secure enterprise connection with the clients in South The us,CZPTpe,Australia and North The usa. In a term,its price-effective for you.Remember to never examine with the other engine which is far more than $100,we also cannot guarantee how many several years you can use it given that it is in accordance to the employing strategy of the customers. Normally you can use it for 3-five a long time,we also have the spare elements for assuring that you can obtain the areas for changing the broken ones.

Q4   Is the installation approach easy?
      It is dependent the customers' manipulative capacity and the recognition of the mechanical understanding, typically it is simple apart from the wiring of the carburetor and the energy line,the installation of the rear chain wheel.

Q5   How a lot of stroke of the engine?
        We have two-stroke and 4-stroke motor package,solitary cylinder  

Q6   How several displacement of the engine kit?
       For two-stroke motor,it has 48cc,55cc,60cc and 66cc,some consumers also phone 66cc as 80ccFor the 4-stroke motor it really is displacement is 49cc.

Q7   What's kind of the gas the engine kit want to include?
       For two stroke motor,it requirements the mixed oil,the ratio is 16:one,the petrol is sixteen while the motor oil is 1,it signifies that if you add 16L petrol although you need to have to incorporate 1L oil,right after employing for several instances,the ratio can be transformed to 20:1,then incorporate the combined oil into the gas tank.

Q8   Whether it will not incorporate the engine oil?
       It can not be utilised CZPT the motor oil,or else it will lead to the scuffing of cylinder bore.

Q9   How to start off the engine package
       There are hand-start and pedal-begin,typically our designs are pedal-start off,the treatment is after standing up the leg brace of your bicycle,loosen the clutch manage,start off peHangCZPTng,it start to running.It can also be started out when you loosen the clutch deal with although using the bicycle.

Q10  Whether it has the produce electricity system?
        There isn't this method,you want to include this technique which driven by wheel.

Q11  It's disc brake in the rear of my bicycle,how I can hold it exist?
        It will not matter considering that we have central shaft push configuration which consist of the generate method,in that circumstance,the disc brake can be retained.

Q12  What's the max speed of this moped?
In the situation CZPT other pace manage system,the max velocity is fifty six KM/H,  the safe speed is < 60 KM/H.

Q13  What's the highest loading potential of this moped matched with two-stroke engine?
        Considering that this moped is Do it yourself bicycle,so it really is optimum loading potential is 120kg,please get the bike if you want to have a lot more cargoes.  
Q14  What's the optimum levels of the gradient which the moped can climb?
        It can also climb the gradient over which the automobile and bike can be utilized .

Q15  Is the engine loud?
        Of course,it's louder than the common motorcycle's engine.The Electrical power will be much less if reduced the audio.  

Q16  How to make the motor to have the better managing-in?
        Don't slam acceleration and climb the slope which is as well steep,keep the velocity in thirty-40KM/H.

Q17  Does it have KILLSW?
        It has quit switch.If it has not added the overrunning clutch,you need to hang on the clutch take care of and unfastened the deal with when the bicycle need the electrical power yet again.

Q18  What's the deal materials and the dimensions?
       Carton with the package deal measurement as 42X42X17 cm.

Q19  What's the MOQ of the buy?
     CZPTly our minimal ordering amount by sea is fifty sets,just a single pallet.

Gasolina 48cc 49cc 50cc 60cc 66cc 80cc Motor De Bicicleta De 2 Tiempos 80cc Kit De Motor De Gas PARA Bicicleta