New Launching 220kw 16000rpm High Speed Permanent Magnetic Motor

New Launching 220kw 16000rpm High Speed Permanent Magnetic Motor

New Launching 220KW 16000RPM Substantial Velocity Long lasting Magnetic Motor

Solution Attribute
one.Appropriate for the 16000rpm high velocity
2.Substantial electrical power & substantial torque
three.Large performance
4.Small dimensions
5.Low noise lower vibration
six.Patented cooling framework
7.Simple routine maintenance and extended daily life time
8.Tough, reliable

Product variety: SRPM205H4O220
Voltage: 380V AC
Rated Electrical power: 220KW
Functioning pace: 16000rpm
Effectiveness: ≥95.five%
Isolation: H
H2o/dust Evidence: IP54
Pole Number: four
Cooling Approach: Oil

Substantial-pace Compressors,Fans,Pumps

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Motor kind Voltage
(V AC)
Rated electricity
Rated torque (N.m) Rated velocity
Services Aspect Insulation Ingress protection Pole Quantity Fat
Cooling Approach Placement Sign Installation Strategy
SRPM151M8XW11 380 11 eleven 9600 ninety six S1 H/F IP67 8 10 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO45 380 forty five 36 12000 ninety six.three S1 H/F IP67 8 35 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO55 380 55 forty three.eight 12000 ninety six.three S1 H/F IP67 8 38 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO75 380 seventy five 59.7 12000 ninety six.five S1 H/F IP67 8 forty three Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO90 380 90 seventy one.6 12000 96.5 S1 H/F IP67 8 47 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO110 380 a hundred and ten 87.six 12000 96.five S1 H/F IP67 eight seventy five Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO132 380 132 105 12000 ninety six.5 S1 H/F IP67 eight 80 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO160 380 one hundred sixty 127.3 12000 ninety six.5 S1 H/F IP67 8 87 Oil circulation Resolver B35
SRPM205M8XO185 380 185 147.two 12000 ninety six.5 S1 H/F IP67 8 ninety five Oil circulation Resolver B35

one. Can performanent magnet synchronous motor be utilised as generator? 

No. Long term magnet synchronous motor is absolutely different from generator. It is only ac motor that outputs velocity and torque to drive electric powered products, but not energy supply. 
two. Why can not immediately use 3 stage ac offer voltage to begin long lasting magnet synchronous motor? 
Becuase rotor is with big innertia, and magetic files spins so fast that static rotor has no way to spin with magetic filed. 
three. Any particular specialized request on this motor's VFD driver? And Do you have this sort of driver? 
Long term magnet synchronous motor's driver should be vector handle VFD with unique internal software, this sort of as Siemens 6SE70 collection, Yakawa CR5 collection, ABB ACS800 series, Mitsubishi A740 series, B&R P84 and P74 collection, and so forth.. Of course, our MH300 collection VFD matches with this motor. 
four. Is there any protecting measures to defend long lasting magnet rotor from failure? 
Of course, every single long lasting magnet rotor passes corrossion resistance, consistency, large temperature demagnetization take a look at, linear demagnetization take a look at, etc. Its demagnetization index is inside of two%. But if working atmosphere is serious oxiditive corrosion, kindly recommend for increased protection amount. 
5. Exactly where is this everlasting magnet synchronous motor typically used to? 
This long lasting magnet synchronous motor is typically utilized to variable frequency velocity predicament.


New Launching 220kw 16000rpm High Speed Permanent Magnetic Motor