High Efficiency Auto Machinery 24V Gear Lightweight DC Brushless Electric Motor



Presenting the high efficiency, lightweight, 24V gear DC brushless electric motor designed for auto machinery. This product, model number HXBLDC-X, is the epitome of advanced technology and high quality. Crafted with precision, it is made to meet the needs of today's complex machinery setups, guaranteeing excellent performance and longevity.

Superior Efficiency and Performance

Our DC brushless electric motor is designed for high performance with an impressive speed of 3000 RPM. It operates at a continuous current, providing reliable and consistent service. The motor features a high efficiency rating of IE 2, ensuring optimal performance with minimal energy consumption. This contributes to the overall cost-effectiveness of your machinery, reducing operational costs while maximizing output.

Quality Construction

Constructed with a series wound, the motor offers robustness and durability. It boasts a brushless commutation, ensuring smooth operation and minimal maintenance. Our electric motor also features insulation as a key protect feature, shielding the internal components and ensuring the motor's longevity. This meticulous construction ensures that our motor stands out in terms of reliability and durability.

Lightweight and Compact Design

Despite its high power and performance, our 24V gear DC brushless electric motor is lightweight, weighing just 1kg, and has a compact size of 20*20*20cm. This design ensures easy installation and reduces the overall weight of your machinery, contributing to its efficiency and maneuverability.

Warranty and Certification

We stand by the quality of our products, offering a one-year warranty for this electric motor. Additionally, it comes with a certification, further attesting to its quality and reliability.

Bulk Orders

We have a minimum order quantity of 1000 PCS, ready for bulk orders. Your products will be packed in a standard export package, ensuring their safety during transit. They can be shipped from either NingBo or ShangHai ports, depending on your preference.

Detailed Product Specifications

Motor type DC Brushless Motor
Feature High Efficiency
Usage Auto machinery
Size 20*20*20cm
Brand Name YDHN
Model Number HXBLDC-X
Type Servo motor
Protect Feature Insulation
Efficiency IE 2

Contact Us

For more information on our high-efficiency auto machinery 24V gear lightweight DC brushless electric motor, please contact us. Our team is ready to assist you with any inquiries you may have about our product categories, product differences, our company, our exhibitions, certifications, packing and shipping methods, and any other questions.


Before you make your order, here are some commonly asked questions about our worm gearbox:

  1. What information do I need to confirm the worm gearbox?
    You need to provide the model/size, ratio and output torque, power and flange type, shaft direction, housing color, and order quantity.
  2. What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept T/T, B/L, and Cash.
  3. What is your warranty policy?
    Our products come with a one-year warranty.
  4. How do you deliver the products?
    We can deliver by sea or by air, depending on your preference. We can also arrange delivery to a particular place in China as per your instructions.
  5. Do you accept OEM/ODM orders?
    Yes, we have extensive experience in OEM/ODM orders and are willing to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement before sample making.

We look forward to partnering with you for your auto machinery needs. Choose our high-efficiency, lightweight DC brushless electric motor for superior performance and efficiency.