High Quality Insulation Y2 Series 3-phase Electric Asynchronous AC 3 Phase Motor



Our Y2 Series 3-phase Electric Asynchronous AC 3 Phase Motor stands as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Designed with high-quality insulation, this robust motor delivers unparalleled performance and efficiency while adhering to the highest standards of safety.

Product Specifications

This top-tier electric motor comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty, underscoring our confidence in its durability and reliability. It carries the model number Y2-63 B5 and is a three-phase type motor, making it versatile for a wide range of applications.

The motor features an impressive AC Voltage of 380V and showcases an IE 2 level of efficiency, making it a highly economical choice. Its insulation protect feature ensures the highest degree of safety during operation. Further enhancing its credibility, the motor is CE-certified, meaning it meets the rigorous safety, health, and environmental protection requirements of the EU.


The Y2 Series 3-phase Electric Asynchronous AC 3 Phase Motor brings several advantages to the table. Firstly, its smooth appearance adds a professional aesthetic to any setting. Secondly, it boasts a light and robust construction, offering significant weight reduction compared to cast iron motors of the same type.

This motor utilizes international standard materials, ensuring the same strength level as cast iron. It features corrosion resistance and low pollution, making it suitable for occasions with high environmental requirements. Furthermore, it is applicable to VSD and is characterized by low vibration and low noise, thereby ensuring a smooth and quiet operation.

Product Details

The motor comes packaged in a standard export package, ensuring its safe and secure delivery. It can be shipped from either Shanghai or Ningbo port, depending on your preference and convenience.

Item Value
Warranty 1 year
Place of Origin China (Zhejiang)
Model Number Y2-63 B5
Phase Three-phase
Certification CE
Protect Feature Insulation
AC Voltage 380V
Efficiency IE 2

B5 Mounting and Overall Dimensions

For detailed information about the B5 mounting and overall dimensions of the Y2 Series 3-phase Electric Asynchronous AC 3 Phase Motor, please contact us. We provide comprehensive support and guidance to ensure seamless installation and operation.


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