35kw Good Performance 380v 3 Phase Three-phase Ac Asynchronous Motor



The Y2-90 B51 model is a high-performing, three-phase AC asynchronous motor that boasts a power of 35kw. Engineered for optimum performance, this 380V motor is designed with an insulation protect feature, ensuring the highest level of safety during operation. It is certified with a "ce" certification, a testament to its compliance with safety, health, and environmental protection standards.

One of the significant features of this AC asynchronous motor is its efficiency. With an IE 2 level of efficiency, it guarantees energy-saving operation, reducing operational costs while delivering top-tier performance. Its superior design and build quality make it a reliable choice for a broad range of applications.

Warranty and Support

For your peace of mind, this motor comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty coverage ensures your investment is protected, providing you with support and assistance for any manufacturing defects or issues that may arise during this period.

Design and Features

Apart from its robust performance, the Y2-90 B51 motor also takes pride in its smooth and sleek appearance. It is lightweight yet robust, a unique combination achieved by significant weight reduction compared to cast iron motors of the same type. Despite its lighter weight, it utilizes international standard material, achieving the same strength level as cast iron motors.

Furthermore, this motor offers corrosion resistance and low pollution, making it suitable for occasions with high environmental requirements. It's a motor designed with sustainability in mind, ensuring your operations are not only efficient but also eco-friendly.

Application and Compatibility

What's more, it's applicable to VSD and promises low vibration and low noise during operation. This feature makes it an excellent choice for usage in environments where noise control is crucial. Its B5 mounting and overall dimensions allow for large flange vertical installation, offering flexibility in setup according to your specific needs.

Packaging and Shipping

This motor is shipped in a standard export package to ensure it arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition. We provide shipping options to NingBo or ShangHai ports, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free delivery process for our customers.

Ordering and Payment

We strive to make the ordering process as straightforward as possible. When confirming your order for the worm gearbox, please provide the following information: Model/Size, Ratio and output torque, Power and flange type, Shaft Direction, Housing color, and Order quantity. We accept various payment methods, including T/T, B/L, and CASH.

Warranty and Delivery

Our warranty coverage is for one year. For delivery, you have several options. You can choose delivery by sea, where you can appoint your forwarder, or our sales team can find a suitable forwarder for you. Delivery by air is also available. We can arrange to deliver goods to a place in China appointed by you.

OEM/ODM Orders

We are experienced in handling OEM/ODM orders and are open to signing a Non-disclosure Agreement before sample making. We are committed to providing the best customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction in each transaction.

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