Insulation Three-phase Y2 Series Electric Brushless 3 Phase AC Motor For Driving Motion



The Y2-90 B5 model of the Insulation Three-phase Y2 Series Electric Brushless 3 Phase AC Motor is a game-changer for driving motion. With its high-efficiency factor rated at IE 2, this AC motor stands as a paragon of superior performance guaranteed to deliver just what you need.


It comes with a one-year warranty that underscores the manufacturer's unwavering confidence in the product's durability and reliability. The warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship. This assurance of quality provides the peace of mind you need when investing in such a critical component for your operations.

Technical Specifications

This motor comes with several impressive features that make it stand out in the market. The motor operates on a three-phase power supply, providing the reliability and high efficiency needed for demanding industrial applications. The AC voltage requirement for the motor is 380V, a standard voltage level for industrial equipment. This makes it easily compatible with existing infrastructure, reducing the need for additional equipment or costly modifications.

One of the key features of this motor is its insulation protect feature. This important feature ensures the motor's components are well protected from the effects of electricity. By reducing the risk of electrical faults and enhancing the safety of your operations, the insulation feature significantly extends the service life of the motor.

The Y2-90 B5 model has been certified by CE, an internationally recognized certification body. This certification is a testament to the motor's compliance with high standards of safety, performance, and environmental friendliness.

Design and Construction

The motor boasts a smooth appearance and a robust construction, resulting in a product that is not only pleasing to the eye but also highly reliable. Despite its strength, the motor is light, offering significant weight reduction compared to cast iron motors of the same type.


One of the main advantages of this motor is its resistance to corrosion and low pollution level. These features make it suitable for use in environments with high environmental requirements. It's also compatible with Variable Speed Drives (VSD), allowing for versatile use and energy efficiency. Additionally, the motor operates with low vibration and noise, contributing to a conducive working environment.

Packaging and Shipping

Your motor will come in a standard export package, ensuring it arrives at your facility in perfect condition. The packaging is carefully designed to protect the motor from damage during transport. You can choose to have it shipped from either NingBo or ShangHai, according to your convenience.

Installation and Dimensions

The B5 mounting and overall dimensions are designed for large flange vertical installation. This method of installation is straightforward, allowing for quick and efficient set-up.

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The Insulation Three-phase Y2 Series Electric Brushless 3 Phase AC Motor is a high-performing and reliable solution for your driving motion needs. Its advanced features and superior design make it the perfect choice for demanding industrial applications. Invest in this motor today and experience the difference it can make to your operations.