Durable Three-phase Asynchronous Tubular Ac Drive Motor For Electric Car



Experience the unmatched performance and durability of our three-phase asynchronous tubular AC drive motor, specifically designed for electric cars. With a one-year warranty, you can rest assured of its reliability and longevity. This high-quality motor, with model number Y2-63 B14, is built to last and provide you with the ultimate driving experience.

Key Features

The MOTOR type, coupled with a three-phase mechanism, ensures efficient power transmission and a smoother ride. Its unique insulation protection feature safeguards the motor from any potential electrical or thermal damage, thereby increasing its lifespan. It operates at an AC voltage of 380V and offers an efficiency of IE 2. The motor also comes with a ce certification, further solidifying its quality and reliability.

Packaging and Delivery

The motor comes in a standard export package, ensuring its safety during transit. We ship from either NingBo or ShangHai port, depending on your location and convenience.

Unparalleled Advantages

  1. Smooth Appearance: Designed with sleek lines and a modern aesthetic, this motor adds a touch of elegance to your electric car.
  2. Lightweight and Robust: Despite its light weight, the motor does not compromise on strength or durability.
  3. Significant Weight Reduction: When compared to cast iron motors of the same type, our motor is significantly lighter, improving your car's efficiency.
  4. Use of International Standard Material: Made with globally accepted standard materials, it has the same strength level as cast iron motors.
  5. Corrosion Resistant and Low Pollution: The motor is built to withstand harsh conditions, and contributes to a cleaner environment, making it suitable for occasions with high environmental requirements.
  6. Applicable to VSD: It can be efficiently integrated into Variable Speed Drives, offering flexibility in controlling the motor speed.
  7. Low Vibration, Low Noise: The motor operates quietly and smoothly, enhancing your driving experience.

Product Specifications

Our motor comes with a one-year warranty and is produced in China, specifically in Zhejiang. The brand name is YDHN, and the model number is Y2-63 B14. The type is MOTOR, with a three-phase mechanism. The motor is certified with ce, has an insulation protect feature, operates at an AC voltage of 380V, and offers an efficiency of IE 2.

B14 Mounting and Overall Dimensions

For more detailed information on the B14 mounting and overall dimensions, kindly contact us. We also provide services for small flange vertical installations.


  1. What information should I provide to confirm the worm gearbox? You need to provide the Model/Size, Ratio and output torque, Power and flange type, Shaft Direction, Housing color, and Order quantity.
  2. What type of payment methods do you accept? We accept T/T, B/L, and CASH.
  3. What is your warranty? Our product comes with a one-year warranty.
  4. How is the product delivered? We deliver by sea or air. You can appoint a forwarder or our sales team can find a suitable one for you. We also arrange delivery to a specific location in China as appointed by buyers.
  5. Do you accept OEM/ODM orders? Yes, we have rich experience in OEM/ODM orders. We also sign a Non-disclosure Agreement before sample making.

For further queries and information, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist you and provide you with the best motor for your electric car. Trust us to deliver quality and performance in every product.

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